Wi-Fi deployment for small, mid and large scale to cater the needs of short and long term requirements

Need a public or private hotspot for your campus, hostel, and office?

Wi-Fi Hotspots

BellTele is specialised in catering the internet needs of Educational, Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial Ventures by creating Wi-Fi Hotspots.User friendly pre-paid plans of limited and unlimited data transfers on hourly/daily/monthly basis.Subscribers self-registration portal integrated with SMS alerts.


Need to stay connected at an event? We will establish a temporary connection for your business for a day, a week, or more. Our Wi-Fi services can be delivered at Exhibition Centres & for specific events in a shorter periods. Our Optical fiber network carries the upstream internet traffic to our core PoP on redundant paths

Multiple Locations

Need to keep your business' multiple locations connected? We will create a network for all associates to access the shared materials.Have provided Wi-Fi services for yerly IOT events with 1200+ participants from Microsoft,Cisco and MNCs organised by India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA)

Campus Network

A typical campus network or campus area network is a computer network made up of an interconnection of local area networks (LANs) within a limited geographical area. The networking equipments (switches, routers, firewalls, IPSs) and transmission media (optical fiber, copper cable) are used to interconnect & communicate among all devices connected.

In a college or university/institution, its campus area network is likely to interconnect a variety of campus buildings, including administrative buildings, academic buildings, university libraries, campus or student centers, Sports ground, hostels, guest house, gymnasiums, and other outlying structures, like conference centers, technology centers, stadiums, and training institutes.

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