Transform your business performance with our Premium Internet Leased Line Services

Internet LeasedLine

Internet is critical to the way we work today. Be it connecting with customers and suppliers w the real-time applications you need to operate; the Internet has become the backbone for businesses all around the world. But effectively and efficiently managing the network along with last-mile is complex and time-consuming.

BellTele is number one in managing the network uptime of optical fiber infrastructure along with Internet Services and many leading Telcos and ISPs are using our Telecom Network Infrastructure.

Our Internet Leased Line Services are powered by our own largest underground optical fiber network and we connect our customers on RING TOPOLOGY which ensures seamless auto-fall-back and both fiber paths are monitored 24 x 7 hours.

Our Network infrastructure is designed for the future with multiple layers of CORE, DISTRIBUTION (COLLECTOR) and ACCESS RING topology running with protocols of MSTP and OSPF for convergence and you will enjoy reliable, scalable internet connectivity.

Advantages of our Internet Leased Line Solutions

Own Optical Fiber

BellTele is the only provider who provides services to our customers on our own underground optical fiber lastmile. Today’s majority of the outages are often due to the lastmile & this ensures high service uptime to provide redundant lastmile.

Multiple Upstreams

BellTele is having multiple upstreams to prevent any dependency and our multiple upstream solutions are always be helpful for our customers to have best optimal routes and low latency to reach any domestic/international destinations.

Proactive Monitoring

We monitor your network and you can concentrate on your business. Our 24 x7 Network Operation Center proactively monitors your Leased Line Network and take the required steps as and when needed and send notification to our customers.

Always on Support

BellTele has 24 x 7 dedicated Multi-level Support Desk with well-trained engineers to assist our customers in identifying the problem and fixing the same. Along with Support desk, dedicated service manager to ensure concerns are to be resolved.

High available, Seamless Internet Leased Line on own optical fiber lastmile

Why to Choose BellTele’s Internet Leased Line?

Our Customers prefer to associate with us because of our SLA

We commit and provide very high SLA up to 99.9% with redundant lastmile connecting to multiple PoPs. IP Prefixes advertised via multiple upstreams always ensure critical applications are not impacted due to any upstream issues.

Very high capacity lastmile handoff

With a leased line connection, users can choose speed from 1Mbps to 1Gbps, but we provide the lastmile capacity of 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps. This ensures, no lastmile concerns or additional charges during any upgradation requirement.

We support your business demands of bandwidth upgradation for hours or days

Any sudden bandwidth demands due to your business requirements are fulfilled by us within 8 hours of time and certain cases in minimal times also. We are flexible and we aware of your sudden bandwidth demands which will be fulfilled by us due to our flexibility.