Building safer cities for the future

“Do you know what’s going on in your city – right now?”
Belltele's city wide smart CCTV surveilleance help to focus on monitoring the city.

From traffic problems to trafficking problems, from personal safety to property safety, from crime deterrence to crowd control, cities pose huge challenges, and the starting point for meeting these challenges is to know what’s going on – right now, at any and every moment.

A good surveillance solution places a powerful tool in your hands. The BellTele’s mission is based not only on outstanding video surveillance cameras, but on integrating them into a smart system of gathering the information required to make intelligent decisions to take appropriate action, for example to investigate and intervene or take other appropriate action.

In other words, you can really get your act together, covering parks, public buildings and squares, as well as streets and intersections, using both fixed and deployable cameras, and covering it all from a single control room. With this information, law enforcement and other teams can respond quickly, precisely where needed.

Our Video surveillance system serves to not only help police and deter crime, but also deliver more benefits to public safety, traffic management and the whole city.

Why We Are the Right Choice

Our video surveillance provides seamless integration of video surveillance with other security solutions such as access control, fire alarm, intrusion detection system, etc. Furthermore, this integration is at a database level leading to better control for end to end security with sharper investigation and faster response.

Professional Services

BellTele always believe in transparency, trust and exchanging communications on time. Our Team members are driven towards the value of providing right solutions and treating all our customers and partners in professional manner.

Scalable Solution

Any investment we make today should support for the future demands and should be able to integrate with future technologies. We provide solutions which is always open platform or compatibility support for the integration of future technologies.

In-House Manpower

We don’t outsource and we have our own in-house OEM trained/certified engineers for the installation and maintenance of CCTV System of Camera, Storage, Server, Network, VMS and Display Systems. Large field force always provide timely support.

Bell Tele provides turnkey solutions for advanced city surveillance for
managing the safety and security of the city

Our City Surveillance Features

  • Ability to respond quickly to active alarms

  • Open platform makes it possible to integrate add-on products and third-party applications such as video analytics, face recognition and license plate recognition

  • Capability to always access video recordings of critical situations

  • Proactively monitor multiple cameras at the same time

  • Multiple system users with different access credentials be accessed from any computer or on-the-go

Our Recent Prestigeous City CCTV Projects

Implementation & Maintenance of Karnataka's first CITY wide CCTV Surveillance System with Viewing stations at Police StationsCommand Control Center at Bangalore City Police & Traffic Head Quarters

Implementation & Maintenance of Mysore City CCTV Surveillance with Traffic Enforcement System covering entire Mysore city and outskirts

Our Partners of surveillance System

We work with all the leading OEMs of CCTV Cameras, Video Management Software IT & Network product OEMs and
we provide ONE-STOP-SOLUTIONS to our Customers