Uninterrupted, lightening speed fiber broadband

MetroNet is the brand name of BellTele’s Broadband Services and
we are pleased to introduce ourselves as the pioneer in providing High Speed Internet Access via own optic Fiber lastmile

We are the one who started Fiber to the Home concept before anyone thought of FTTH and FTTB because of our own optic fiber network infrastructure. The fibre connectivity having unlimited bandwidth and state of the art data centres and switches enables us to bring the best internet experience.

speed As you need
High speed broadband varying from 2 Mbps to 100 Mbps with 1TB data transfer to suite every individual needs. The need for constant social media browsing, streaming entertainment,video calling and gaming has increased the demand for more data.Plus there are more devices and all being used simultaneously than ever before.

Our advanced Fiber optic technology always allows symmetric speeds i.e. Upload speeds = downloads speeds for all our plans. So now you can upload heavy files, skype with colleagues and family. A plug & play connection that doesn’t require any modem or telephone and supports to connect multiple devices and meets the demands of everyone in your home.

You don't have to spend more.
Get a premium high speed fiber-optic broadband at affordable prices.

Speak to us any time when you need assistance or support. Our dedicated support centre provides technical support round the clock and fault rectification. You can write to us at support@metronet.in and we’ll get in touch with you at the earliest or access your account detail at our selfcare portal.


Metronet Broadband Benefits

Everyone online at once

Choosing a high speed plan over the nbn™ network means your whole household could enjoy the benefits of fast internet at the same time with lots of devices.

Connecting with those who matter

A fast, reliable broadband network allows you to enjoy video calls without constant interruptions, so you never feel too far away.

Stay entertained

Enjoy quick access to the content you want, when you want it- everything from video streaming, music downloads or live news and sport.

Working from home

Working from home becomes a real option when you can access a fast optic fiber internet connection just like you do in the office experience.